Malayalam Literary Survey

The quarterly journal intended to promote Malayalam literature and culture outside the state is now UGC CARE-listed and is open for well-written, insightful research papers on related topics.

Current contents (January-March)

Beyond meaning: Train metaphors in ONV poems
Dr Sibu Modayil Eapen, Alwin Alexander

Mapping Spatiality: A study on the social and psychological spaces in ‘Tunnelling the Mountain’
Dr Dhanya Johnson

A train ride from the personal to the political
Parvathy K.J.

Sampark Kranti: Still it’s running
V. Shinilal

Tales of the rails: An analysis of ‘Sampark Kranti’
Kishore Ram

Narrative self and locomotive images in M. Mukundan’s ‘From Dawn to Dawn’
Dr Divya Johnson

Constructing the feminine on the Malayalam stage and beyond
Sajitha Madathil

Commoditizing diaspora: Impact of the Gulf boom on Kerala with reference to ‘Pravasam’ and ‘Gulfumpadi PO’
Dr Arshad Ahammad A.

Poesy: The crystals of brine
Dr Mini Alice

Two poems
Dr Rajashree Warrier

A note to authors

  1. The research papers- original, well-written, error-free and proofread- should be sent to [email protected]
  2. The papers should accompany an abstract, a statement from the author and personal and official addresses.
  3. The papers should be in editable format.
  4. The translations should accompany a certificate of consent from the original author.
  5. Every communication regarding publication would only be through e-mail.
  6. Kerala Sahitya Akademi is bound to protect international laws on plagiarism and research integrity.