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The cabin is heated and cooled by a dual-zone automatic climate control system. Windows are power-operated with auto-up/down on both front windows. Push button start lets you get the Accord going, and you can use one-touch turn indicators while driving. The steering column is tilting and telescoping, making it easy to move the wheel in order to find a good driving position. You can rest your arm on the armrest atop the center console, which covers a sizable storage bin.

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  • For Canadians, if you can live without the LED headlights then a Touring is not required, the trims offer a lot in Canada.
  • Invoice on the Sport vs Touring is about $7K, so you can knock that 9K difference down some.
  • The 3.6L version of the ATS hits 60 in 5.3 and runs the quarter in under 14 seconds.
  • My wife and I are planning on buying her a new 5 door Touring and I’m sorry but for the life of me I can’t figure out the difference between them!
  • I just don’t think a 30min test drive will give me enough time to appreciate the difference.
  • I’ve noticed, at least in the last few months, that the dealers near me just don’t have many Sport models in stock.

The seats are trimmed in leather, and the front passenger’s seat gains 4-way power-adjustable lumbar support. Was hoping someone could give me their thoughts on this. I have the 2.0 touring and I can’t really feel the difference in ride quality switching to sport mode and back.

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And I prefer to not be worn out from driving it over extended periods of time. Side air curtains, front and rear coverage is listed as standard for all “S” models. Again, I thought the rear side curtains were only on the Touring and Grand Touring.

S Sport Vs S Touring And S Gt

You can also utilize the Honda Link subscription services if you so choose. WIFI https://mansfieldpointeclaire.ca/personal-training hot-spot capability is also built into the Touring trim level. Granted that was the time when emissions tech had not caught up with emission regulation and it had a ridiculous 3 speed automatic. While I did love the overall design and the look of the chrome luggage rack on the rear deck that a very embarrassing year for Corvette.

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The Corsa Sports on our C5 were somewhat disappointing right after installation. With 8,000 miles they now sound absolutely perfect. Likewise, with 3,000 miles we are now very pleased with the stock V system, but considered putting in Corsa’s right after initial purchase. Tonight I drop her off to get wrapped and tinted. I went with the 2.0T Sport in still night pearl .

For starters, you’ll get a full leather interior with heated and ventilated front seats, heated outboard rear seats, and a navigation system. With six trim levels and two powertrain options to choose from, the selection might feel overwhelming. To make the decision process a bit easier, let’s go over what is equipped on each of the 2022 Honda Accord’s trim levels and what to expect performance-wise.

I thought all three trims got the leather wrapped steering wheel. 0 regrets with my 2018 sport vs exl or touring. Honestly, I like not having leather seats because in Manitoba they are too damn hot 3 months of the year, too damn cold 8 months of the year, and reasonable 1 month of the year. I’m not looking to have a concert in my vehical so the 225watt infotainment is enough. I could go on, but I am way happier saving thousands of dollars for a few comforts that aren’t needed as other have said.

I do like driving it somewhat hard though, so I’m not sure if this is something I will really notice/car about. On the upper end of the Honda Accord spectrum is the Touring trim, which retails for $36,700 . It costs a whopping $10,000 more than the Sport trim, but luckily, it comes with a lot more as well.

If anyone that has spent a good amount of time in both and has feedback otherwise id greatly appreciated it. If you prefer a stiffer ride and/or drive on smoother roads and/or do a lot of track days then Sports may suit you better. I’m hoping to read some press reviews before I have to decide.