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Tamil Sangam age   1929
The Adayar Library Bullettin, Vol. VII. Part. 1 Kunhan Raja. C.K. 1943
The Adayar Library Bullettin, Vol.II February Raja Kunhan, C. 1938
The Adayar Library Bullettin, Vol.III , Part 1 February 1939 Kunhan Raja, C 1939
The Age of the Mahabharata war N. Jagannadha Rao 1931
The Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan Vol. II Lieutenant, Colondl, James TOD 1873
The antiquity of man  Arthur Keith  
The Beginings of South Indian History Krishna Swami Ayyangar, S. 1918
The Biography of Charles Bradlaugh Headingley, Adolphes  1889
The Calcuta review Vol. LXX Jan-March - 1939
The Calcutta Review April 1937   1937
The Calcutta Review, Vol. LXIII Apr-Jun - 1937
The Child-A study in the evolution of Man Alexander Francis, Chamberlain   1900
The Chinese Their History and culture Latourette, Kenneth Scott 1934
The chronology of the early Tamils Sivaraja Pillai, K.N. 1932
The Civilizations of the east Hommel Fritz   
The coins of Haidar Ali and Tipusulthan Henderson, J.R. 1921
The Coins of India Brown, C.J. 1922
The Criminal Havelock Ellis 1910
The Culavamsa I  Griger Wilhelm  1929
The Daca university studies Vol-1 No-1    1935
The Days That Were T.K.Krishna Menon 1949
The Early History of Ceylon  Mendis. G.C. 1940
The Early Muslim expansion in south India Venkataramanyya, N. 1942
The Egyptians Glanville, S.R.K. 1933
The essential unity of all religions Bhagavan das 1932
The Evolution of Malayalam Morphology Ramaswami Ayyar, L.V. 1936
The family  Bosanquet, Helen 1906
The first outlines of a systematic Anthropology of Asia Giuffrida, Ruggeri  V 1921
The folk-Songs of southern india Charles E. Gover 1871
The foote collection of Indian prehistoric and prothhistoric  antiquities  Foote, Robert Bruce 1914
The Gerrn-Plasm: A Theory of Heredity  Weismann, August 1893
The Glories of Magadha Samaddar. J.N. 1927
The Golden Bough a study in magic and religion part III- The dying go Frazer, J.G.  1914
The golden bough a study in magic and religion part IV adonis attis osiris Frazer, J.G.  1914
The golden Bough a study in magic and religion part V spirits of the corn and of the wild Vol. I Frazer, J.G.  1914
The golden bough a study in magic and religion vol. III Frazer, J.G.  1900
The golden bough- a study in magic and religion, vol.I Frazer, J.G.  1900
The heritage of Aisa
Saunders Kenneth, J. 
The Golden guide to world geography Swaminatha Ayyar, R. 1936
The history of India from the earliest ages. Vol. III Wheeler, T. Talboys 1874
The History of India, Vol. IV, Part-II Wheeler, T. Talboys 1880
The history of indian literature Albrecht weber 1914
The Hittic Empire John Garstang 1929
The Ideals of Indian Art E.B. Havell 1920
The Imperial gazetteer of India the indian empire - Vol. II, economic - 1908
The imperial gazetteer of india- the indian empire Vol. I. descriptive - 1907
The Imperial Gazetteer of India- the indian empire Vol. III. Economic.  - 1907
The India Aryan races, Part-1 Ramaprasad Chanda 1916
The Indian Antiquary ….. Jas Burgess 1875
The Indian Antiquary, Vol. 1 Jas Burgess (ed) 1872
The Indian Antiquary, Vol. VII Jos Burgess (ed.) 1878
The Indian Historical Quarterly Vol. XI Narendranath law (Edi) 1935
The Indian Historical Quarterly, Vol. XVIII Narendranath Law.  1942
The Indo Aryans their History, Creed and practice Rama Chandra Ghosha 1881
The Jews - Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern  Hosmer, James K. 1885
The Jews a study of race and enviornment  fishe Berg, Maurice 1911
The Journal of Genetics, Vol. 1 Bateson, W. 1911
The Journal of the  bombay branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Vol. XXIV - 1917
The Journal of the Anthropological society of Bombay - 1913
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society - 1916
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society - 1918
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society - December - 1937
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society XXIV   1938
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society, Vol. XXVI March - 1940
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society, Vol. XXVI, Part. II- June Saiyid Fazl Ali 1949
The journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society, Vol. XXVIII - 1941
The Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society   1902
The Journal of the Hyderabad Archaeological Society - 1918
The Journal of the Literary Committee of the L.E. association Dharwar Basawanal, S.S. 1941
The Journal of the royal Asiatic society  - 1917
The Kingdom of Man Lankester, E. Ray 1907
The Lhota Nagas Mills, J.P. 1922
The life of Tankunni menon (Diwan of Cochin) Achyutha menon, C 1923
The Mahabharata Sukthankar S. Vishnu.  1937
The Mahabharata Pradap Chandra Roy 1925
The Mahabharatha of Krishna-Dwaipayna Vysa Pradap Chandra Roy 1926
The Mahabharatha- Vol. V- Drona Parva Krishna Dwaipayna Vyasa 1925
The Making of Religion Lang, Andrew 1900
The Maratha Rajas of Thajore Subramanian, K.R. 1928
The Mauryan polity Ramachandradikshitar. V.R. 1932
The Modern review LIX- No. 1-6 Ramananda Chatterjee (Edi) 1936
The Most Ancient East Childe, Gordon 1928
The mysteries & secrets of magic Thompson. C.J. S 1927
The Mystic Rose Ernest Crawley. M.A. 1902
The Number of Rasas Raghavan. V.  1940
The Oraons of Chota Nagpur Sarat Chandra Roy 1915
The Origin of the Bengali Script Banerji, R.D. 1919
The Pandyan Kingdom Nilakandasastri, K.A. 1929
The Philosophy of Sanskrit Grammer Prabhat Chandra Chakravarti 1930
The Poona Orientalist, Vo. VII- Apr- Jul Journal 1942
The Portuguese in India Frederick Charles Danvers 1894
The Psychology of Religion Edwin Diller Starbuck 1911
The Punjab Oriental Series (Sanskrit No. XIII) The Indian colony of siam Phanindra Nath Bose 1927
The Puranas-In the light of modern sciecne Narayanaswami Aiyyar, K 1914
The quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society - 1941
The quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society Sell, E.R. (ed.) 1921
The Races of Man: An outline of Anthropology and Enthography Deniker, J. SC.D 1900
The Ramayana Ayodhyakandam Manmatha Nath Dutt, Ed. 1892
The Ramayana Utharakandam Manmatha Nath Dutt, Ed. 1894
The Ramayana, Aranya Kandam Manmatha Nath Dutt, M.A. 1892
The Religion of the Cresent  Tisdall,  Clair 1906
The Religions of India Barth. A. 1914
The sociological review Vol-XII, No.1 Hall, A.D. 1920
The Sociological review, Vol. IX - 1916
The Sociological review, Vol. VIII, No.1 - 1915
The song of the Caravan Sohrab Mirza Ahmad  1930
The spirits of the corn and of the wild, Vol. II Frazer, J.G.  1914
The Srauta Sutra of Apastamba, Vol. 1 Richard Garbe 1882
The stone age in India,History,Srinivasa Ayyankar, P.T Srinivasa Ayyankar, P.T 1926
The Story of the French Revolution Birkhead, Alice 1926
The Street of Human Habitations Lineham, Ray. S.  1894
The Study of religion - The contemporary science series   Jastrow, Morris 1901
The Survival of Man Oliver Lodge, F.R.S. 1915
The Teachers Magazine (Journal of the Cochin teachers association Narayana Iyer, G.R. (ed) 1941
The testmony of tradition David Macritchie 1890
The Travels of FA-hsien Giles, H.A. 1923
The Tribes and castes of the north-western provinces and oudh, Vol. III Crooke, W. 1896
The Vaisnavopanisad-S Srinivasa Ayyangar, T.R. 1941
The Village Community George Laurence Gomme 1890
The Visva-Bharati Quarterly, Vol-V, Part 1, May 1939   1939
The Wild Tribes of India Horatio Bickerstafe Rowney 1882
The Wonders of Elora or the narative of a journey temples and dwellings Seely, John B.  1821
The Zamorins of calicut Krishna Ayyar, K.V.  1938
Theosophical Manuals No.III Death & after Annie Besant 1894
Theosophical manuals No.IV Karma Annie Besant 1895
Tirumalai Sri. Venkatesvara, Vol-1, No.1 - 1932
Totemism and Exogamy Vol-4 Frazer,J.G., D.C.L. 1910
Totemism and exogamy, Vol-II Frazer,J.G. 1910
Travancore Archacological Series Ramanatha Ayyar, A.S. 1927
Travancore Archacological Series Subrahmanya Aiyer, K.V. 1921
Travancore Archacological Series Subrahmanya Aiyer, K.V. 1923
Travancore Archacological Series, Vol. V, Part-I Ramanatha Ayyar, A.S. 1924
Travancore Archacological Series, Vol. V, Part-II Ramanatha Ayyar, A.S. 1925
Travancore Archacological Series, Vol. VI, Part-II Ramanatha Ayyar, A.S. 1920
Travancore Archacological Series, Vol. VII, Part-II Ramanatha Ayyar, A.S. 1930
Travels in Arabian Deserta C.M. Doughty 1374
Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668  Bernier, Francois 1914
Tribes and castes of the North Western provinces and Oudh IV Crooke, W. 1896