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Samaranganasutradhara Vol 1 Bhojadeva 1924
Shakti and Shakta Woodroffe, John 1929
Shores and islands of the mediterranean Henry Christmas 1851
Shores and islands of the mediterranean Henry Christmas 1851
Short history of ancient Egypt Arthur Weigall 1934
Short studies on great subject Vol. II  Froude, James Anthony 1893
Shree Bhagvat Sinhjee The Maker of Modern condal Nihal singh 1934
Sir. A. Sashian Sastri, K.E.S.I an Indian statesman Kameswara Ayyar, B.V. 1909
Social life in ancient Egypt W.M. F. flinders Petrie 1914
Sociology Dr. Charles Letourneau 1893
Some Aspects of Ancient Indian Culture Bhandarkar, D.B. 1940
Some survivals of the Harappa culture Aravamuthan, T.G. 1942
South indian customs jagadisa Ayyar 1925
South Indian portraits in stone and metal Aravamuthan, T.G. 1930
Srimad Bhagavatta Srinivasachariar 1937
St. Thomas, the apostle in India Dcruz, F.A. 1929
Stories and Biographirs for Children- book III,Biography Chand Sharma 1933
Studies in Cola History and administration Nilakanta sastri, K.A. 1932
Studies in Indian Painting Nanalal Chamanlal Meha 1926
Study in the History of Sanscrit poetics Sushil Kumar De 1925
Study of Man Haddon, Alfred C. 1898
Superstition Herbert Thurston 1933