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Magic and Religion Lang, Andrew 1901
Maharajas College Magazine, Ernakulam - 1943
Mahayana Buddism and its Relation to Hinayana Nalinaksha Dutt 1930
Malabar Series (Wynad) Gopalan Nair. C 1911
Malayalam and English Dictionary Herman Gundert, H 1872
Man - 1919
Man- A monthly record of Anthropogical science- XIX Royal Anthropological Institute 1919
Man- A monthly record of Anthropogical science- XVII Royal Anthropological Institute 1917
Man- A monthly record of Anthropogical science- XVIII Royal Anthropological Institute 1918
Manasara on Architecture and Sculpture Prasannakumar Acharya 1933
Mangalore George M. Moraes 1927
Mangalore George M. Moraes 1927
Manimekhalai in its historical Setting Rao Bahadur 1928
Manual of India Buddism Kern, H. 1896
Mediaeval India under Mohammedan Rule  Lane-Poole, Stanley 1903
Memories of Nana Furnawees Brothers, J. 1885
Men whom India has known Biographies of eminent Indian Characters Higginbothom, J.J. 1874
Mendelism Punnett, R.C. 1911
Modern man and his Forerunners Spurrell, H.G.F. 1918
Modern Mythology Lang, Andrew 1897
Modern problems in psychiatry Emesto Lugaro 1913
Modern Review Vol  1-6 Ramachandrachatterjee (edi) 1955
Modern Review Vol LXII No- 1-6 July- December Ramananda Chatterjee (Edi) 1937
Morphology and Anthropology Duckowth, W.L.H 1915
Mural Paintings of the Bombay, School Solomon, W.E.Gladstone 1930
Mysore Inscriptions Rice Lewis 1879
Myth, Ritual and Religion, Vol- II Lang, Andrew 1901
Myth, Ritual and Religion, Vol-1 Lang, Andrew 1901
Myths and legends of many lands Evelyn Smith 1933
Myths of the origin of fire  Frazer, James George 1930