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Heifer of the Dawn Bain, F.W. 1906
Heredity  Arthur Thomsaon, J 1908
Heroes & Hero worship Sheppard Robert Stuart 1896
Hindi Literature Keay, P.E. 1933
Hindu America Lal Chaman 1940
Hindu fasts and feasts Rai Bahadur etc 1916
Hindu Gods and Heroes Barnet, Lionel D.  1922
Hindu Law and Customs Jolly, Julius  1928
Hindu manners and customs and ceremonies  Dubois, Abbe J.A. 1924
Hindu Mythology Wilkins, W.J.  1913
Historical inscription of southern India Robert Sewell 1932
Historical Sketches of ancient Dekhan Subrahmanya Aiyer, K.V. 1917
History of Dharmasatra (Ancient and Medieval religious and Civil law - Vol. 1 Kane Panchirang Vaman 1930
History of Grammatical Theories in Tamil Subramanya Sastri, P.S.  1934
History of Hindu Chemistry, Vol. 1 Praphulla Chandra Ray 1903
History of human marriage Edward Westermarck 1901
History of India 150 AD to 350 AD  Jayaswal, K.P. 1933
History of Indian shipping and Marytime Activity from the earliest time Radhakumud Mookerji 1912
History of Kerala, Vol- 4 Padmanabhamenon, K.P. 1937
History of Mankind Vol. I Ratzel Friedrich 1896
History of Mankind Vol. II  Ratzel, Friedrich 1897
History of Mankind Vol. III Friedrich Ratzel 1898
History of Mediaeval Hindu India Vol. II Early history of Rajputs Vaidya, C.V. 1924
History of Mediaeval Hindu India,History Vaidya, C.V. 1921
History of the Deccan, Vol. 1  Gribble, J.D.B. 1896
History of the Deccan, Vol. II  Gribble, J.D.B. 1924
History of the Jews Paul Goodman 1912
History of the Maratha people Kincaid, C.A. 1931
History of the Pallavas of Kanchi Gopalan, R. 1928
History of the Tamils from the earliest times to 600 A.D. Srinivasa Iyengar, P.T. 1929
History of Urdu literature  Bailey, Grahame. T. 1932
Human Geography in Western Europe Fleure, H.J. 1918
Humanity and its problems Hook, Alfred   
Hymns of the Tamil Saivite saints Kingsbury, F 1921