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Early history of Kamarupa Barua Bahadr Rai, K.L. 1933
Early History of the Andhra country Gopalachari. K. 1941
Early history of the Dekkan Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar 1928
Early Monastic Buddhism, Vol. I Nalinaksha Dutt 1941
Economic Life and progress in Ancient India Narayan Chandra Bandhyaapadhyaya 1925
Elements of Hindu Iconography, Vol. II-Part - 1 Gopinatha Rao, T.A, M.A. 1916
Elements of Hindu/ Iconography, Vol. II-Part-II Gopinatha Rao, T.A. 1916
English men of letter- Burke John Morley 1885
Epigraphic Indica and record of the archaeological survey of india Chakravarti, N.P. 1941
Essays on Indian Antiquities, Vol-II Thomas, Edward 1858
Essays on the French revolution Jackson, T.A. (ed.) 1946
Ethnology   Keane, A.H. 1896
Evolution in Art Haddeon, Alfred C 1895
Evolution of Indian Polity Shama Sastri, R. 1920