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Calcutta Review Vol. LXI, October- December - 1936
Calcutta Review Vol. LXII, Jan-Mar - 1937
Calcutta Review, January 1937 - 1937
Cambridge geographical series - Man past and present  Keane , A.H. 1900
Catalogue of copper plates grants - 1918
Catalogue of mysore coins Tufnell, Camphell D 1889
Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian museum calcutta  Wright,  Nelson H. 1907
Catalogue of the prehistoric-antiquites from adichanallu and perumbair  Rea, Alexander  1915
Cecil Sharp Strangways fox, A.H. 1933
Cera kings of the sangam period Sesha Aiyar, K.G. 1937
Ceylon past and present Enriquez C.M. 1812
Charles Darwin Grant Allen 1888
China struggles for unity Pringle, J.M.D. 1939
Chips from a German workshop Muller  F  Max, 1898
Chronology of ancient india Pradhan, S. Ha Nath. 1927
Citizenship Lay E.J.S. 1933
Classical sanskrity literature Keith Berriedale, A 1936
Classification and uses of finger prints Henry, E.R. 1900
Cleaning from Indian Classic - 1897
Coin Collecting in Mysore Jackson, R.P. 1909
Coins- Catalogue No. 3- Sultans of Delhi Thurston, Edgar 1893
Comparative studies Ramavarma Raja, K. 1914
Convocation Addresses of the universities of Bombay and Madras Subba Rao, K. 1802
Culavamsa II  Wilhelm Griger 1930
Culture and Kultur race origins or the past inveiled Hannath Herbert Bruce 1919
Cunningham's ancient Geography of India Surendranath majumdar Sastri 1924
Custom and Myth Lang, Andrew 1901